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I originally saw a post on a Michigan related FB page from RedTrend Magazine -- asking for those interested in advertising in their magazine to contact them (April 2012). Redtrend is an online magazine, although they also offer a hardcopy on request.


They were immediately responsive via email (4/2/12) to let me know the cost of advertising and to boast they had 10,000+ subscribers and offered information on their demographics. Based on 10K subscribers their advertising costs were relatively inexpensive, so I bought into advertising with them. I agreed, paid my fee for a 1/2 page ad plus set up and waited for a proof and their demographic information.

I never received a proof, nor the demographic information. In fact, once they had my $$ I could not get a response out of them until I started posting questions on their FB page. Eventually in mid June I received an emailed response with a pdf of the ad they had created. I was very disappointed in the ad. Had I received a proof many things could have been corrected. They did not include our phone number, only our website and name and the ad had so much white space it was ridiculous. We are a retail gift company and for a June issue, RedTrend magazine included photos of our Christmas and Fall items in the ad....again, a little ridiculous.

The issue I was signed up for was due out on June 1, 2012 on their website. As of today, June 26, 2012, the "Summer 2012" issue is still NOT accessible from their website. The previous issue is there - but even for that not all of the pages will load. The have posted a few pages on their FB page -- but given the low numbers of pages (less than 10) - I can't hardly believe this could really qualify as a magazine.

Their site offers a subscribe online - which I did for several email addresses, none of which ever received an email with the Summer issue (yes I have checked my spam folder). I also requested a hardcopy - which has not been received.

I subsequently addressed my complaints and a request for a refund via email with no response.

RedTrend Magazine is the poorest excuse for an online publication that I have ever encountered. At this point, I don't even really believe it is a functional business organization.

Don't advertise with them! You will be disappointed.

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